Prof. Benjamin Smarr & Lab 

Understanding how life uses time to improve health, education, and the world.

Life on Earth is the living embodiment of information's value. Now that individuals generate data across time with digital trails and wearable sensors, we can begin to see how humans evolved to use time to orchestrate their bodies. Modern life often conflicts with natural time by imposing social demands that go against the rhythms of our bodies. The more we learn about time in our lives (and the lives of all organisms), the more informed can be our personal and societal choices about how we use time in this modern context for which we are not so well adapted.

Ongoing projects are listed below, but are not exhaustive. While they may seem disparate, they are united in generating examples of the opportunities that incorporating biological time seems to offer across fields and across populations.

Ongoing Projects & Research Interests

A Brief synopsis of my recent academic career can be found here.

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